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Pink Hair Dye Suggestions

Nowadays, many women as well as some men prefer to dye their hair choosing different colors depending on the tastes and fashion. Thus, for instance, pink dyed hair offers a really unique appearance however few people dare to dye their hair this color. Most of them usually prefer blonde, brown or reddish shades of hair coloring as these hair colors suggest a natural and more delicate colored hair look. But if you wish to come forth from the crowd try something unique like pink hair dye colors. Further you're offered several tips on coloring your hair pink.

Everything About Pink Hair Dye


Before trying any pink hair dye ideas, it's extremely recommended to pre-bleach your hair. It's especially necessary if a person has dark hair and wants to go for pink hair dye. Pre-bleach is that important because without pre-bleached hair, the dye won't give the chosen hair color shade, especially if you wish to receive a bright shade of pink. Even those people who have light colored hair, for instance, natural blonde hair, will receive better permanent or temporary pink hair dye with pre-bleaching.

Shades of Pink

Nowadays, there's a great variety of shades of pink hair dye. You may find semi-permanent pink hair dye, and start fading away in some time, so you'll have to color your hair soon again. You should remember that the shade depicted on the pink hair dye box, won't necessarily be the same on your hair after dyeing if you don't pre-bleach it at first. Company Manic Panic offers high-quality products of pink hair color including shades like Cotton Candy, Hot Hot Pink, Pretty Flamingo, and Fuschia Shock. The most popular today is the hot pink hair dye. So, you're welcome to visit their website, see different shades, and choose the shade you'll like the most.

Coloring Hair

After you've chosen the shade you like, purchase a box of the pink hair dye product. Due to the easiness of the usage of these hair colors you can color your hair at home. If you want to have a stylish haircut and professional coloring of your hair it's advisable to attend an experienced stylist. If you have already dyed your hair at home, use your home coloring kit and color your hair pink yourself. Don't forget to wear disposable gloves while dyeing your hair. They will protect the skin of your hands from the chemicals' influence. Before coloring your hair, pre-bleach it, then wash it and apply proper portions of dye to the hair in the areas where you want the color (or the whole head). Keep the dye on your hair for a recommended period of time and wash the hair again.

People who have black or deep brown hair should color upper half of their hair into bright pink. They're also recommended to make several blue streaks in the front. If you have a bob haircut apply these hair color ideas by combining pink and orange.


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