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The Efficiency of Penile Enlargement viril x through Penile Surgery - Is the Penile Surgery Solution 100% Safe? - Natural Methods of Penile Enlargement

It is no wonder that the penile surgery enlargement methods have been considerably growing in popularity as of recent. The number of male population in all age groups suffering from problems of low sexual performance quality is constantly increasing. The sexual dysfunctions are caused by several most common reasons. Among them there are such problems as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, low libido and the "small penis" syndrome. As it was discovered, the most common and most average size of a male penis in erected state is about six inches. Nevertheless, a lot a men were endowed with considerably shorter manhood. And even those with the average penis size are often wishing to have a really immense manhood, far beyond the average, both in length and girth. That fact makes the issue of penile enlargement a very pressing problem!

The modern science of penile enlargement offers several popular methods, which differ in their cost, efficiency, safety and popularity, correspondingly. Another issue related to all available penile enlargement methods is how fast the persons would be able to see actual beneficial results. Notwithstanding the great variety of penile enlargement techniques and ways, the penile surgery solutions for increasing penis size continue to gain in popularity. Testosterone (LOOK viril x) is also often affects the size, but not for long, more here viril x.

According to the recent surveys, approximately 250,000 men in the most advanced countries world-wide have undergone this kind of surgery. It should be noted that out of this number at least half of the operations have been performed in the United States of America.

Originally the penile enlargement surgery was developed as a method to restore the penis length for people with injured penises, as a result of an accident or, probably, wounded in combat and so on. As the demand at the market of penile enlargement was increasing noticeably, it was discovered that a penile surgery could be successfully used for cosmetic purposes in mind. People with totally healthy but very modestly sized penises were eager to part with a hefty sum of their hard earned money to obtain an impressively sized cock!

The basic principle of penile enlargement through the interventional surgery is as follows: the surgeon cuts one specific part of male anatomy called the suspensory ligament. It attaches the penis to the pubic bone and due to this fact the penis shaft is partially hidden from the external view. This ligament is responsible for stabilization and an upward tilts of the penis in the erected state. When the suspensory ligament is severed, a certain part of the penis shaft length slips out from the hidden position and becomes visible. In this way the penis actually looks bigger optically, though technically its length remains the same.

Traditionally a penile enlargement operation includes two stages, one stage for increasing the length and another for making the penis more impressive in its girth. The former is performed through the cutting of the suspensory ligament, as it was described above. For the latter a surgeon has to graft some skin from some different segment of the patient's anatomy, for instance, the abdomen, or make use of a tissue granted by a donor.

As you see, if a patient wants the comprehensive enhancement for his manhood, it requires two separate surgeries, since both procedures are not usually performed at the same time, in order to avoid additional risks and complications.

It is only understandable that penile surgery is performed one stage at a time, since this kind of interventional penile enlargement is far from been 100% safe. In every case, even when performed by the most experienced specialists, there is always a risk of something going wrong, since your body is to be actually cut with a surgeon's lancet. Besides, after the surgery itself, there is a period of rehabilitation, sometimes a rather long-lasting one, painful and disturbing. There is a good risk of adverse side-effects during the rehabilitation period and beyond. For instance, the severance of the suspensory ligament can lead to a situation, when the erected penis begins to wobble and assume odd positions at odd angles, for instance, when the erect penis will point down. You must agree that this is not the most impressive position for love making, is it?

In other cases the interventional penile enlargement procedure may result in scar tissue. The grafted tissues have a tendency to migrate, concentrating in a noticeably lop-sided manner long the penis shaft. Such cases often result in permanent disfiguring of the penis. The cases of partial or permanent impotence are also common.

Besides the above-described risks, to which a patient exposes his manhood in cases of an interventional penile enlargement procedure, you should consider the question of the costs. Penile surgery is extremely expensive, especially if we count in the pre-surgery procedures, consulting with specialists, as well the costs of the after-surgery rehabilitation.

In view of the high risks and costs of penile surgery, a lot of people nowadays are more attracted to the idea of natural penis enhancement. The advantages of natural botanical sexual enhancement pills and penis extension exercises are obvious: affordable costs and safety of positive results! Besides the penile enlargement that is quite obtainable through regular sessions of natural penis extension exercises, the herbal pills are an excellent remedy for such sexual life disorders as low libido, which results in erectile dysfunction, as well as poor blood circulation in the penile cavities, which, again, brings poor and short-lasting erections. On the contrary to the natural all-botanical sexual enhancers, the penile enlargement surgery is powerless against low libido and weak sexual stamina!

It is understandable, that the combination of herbal penis medications and natural extension exercises has to be practices on regular bases for some time without breaks, in order to see the beneficial results. In general, it will take from a month to a couple of months, but the results will be quite worth the efforts and time spent!


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