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Did you know that amazing VigRX does its trick without the controversial Yohimbe perfectly?

The amazing all-natural VigRX is the best integration of ingredients that are centuries-proven by ancient folk medicine and the benefits of modern medical technology! The VigRX formulation is THE perfectly balanced combination of great performing herbal components to enhance your penis and overall sexual performance in the safest way. Because it insures performance without need to contain the controversial Yohimbe!

What might be a problem with that Yohimbe?

Why might be a problem, you ask? Why, is Yohimbe not the one of the hottest issues of the herbal sexual enhancement supplements market of today? What one should realize is the fact that 'natural' may not be a synonym for 'safe and beneficial'. As it happens, all-natural Yohimbe extract can be a threat to your health since it is packed with side effects that could be even potentially dangerous. The administration of this supplement should be closely controlled by a physician and only on this condition one can speak about safety of using this drug. Where does this lead us to? The conclusion is that Yohimbe-containing penis and libido enhancement compositions may cause potentially hazardous side-effects that could bring health problems!

Some would like to make you believe that Yohimbe extract is some really potent wonder-drug. The truth is that it can be efficient and beneficial only in case of perfectly measures dose. There is a high probability of a great risk to fall outside the safe limits and either threaten your health state or to feel no effect at all in case the dose you administer turns our to be too little. If you administer too much: the results are described in detail below! This kind of drug, though 100% natural, is nevertheless too difficult to be administered safely and involves constant supervision of your physician.

The story behind Yohimbe and its medical usage

Yohimbe originates from West Africa and in fact it is a tree that grows in the forests there. Yohimbine, the active ingredient, is extracted from the bark of those trees. For centuries the folk medicine has made use of this bark to treat fevers, leprosy, and coughs. In our time it was discovered that it has an aphrodisiac effect and can be used as a potent treatment for poor erection and impotence.

What is so risky about Yohimbe extract?

It should be noted that for the most of healthy people the administration of Yohimbe is not likely to bring complications in case the dosage is correct. On the other hand those suffering from low blood pressure, diabetes, as well as heart, liver, or kidney maladies should stay away from it because of great probability of harmful side effects. The same advice equally goes to anyone who finds the side effects unreasonable.

In Canada, Australia, Norway, and Finland the trade of Yohimbe was prohibited by the governments because of possibility of life threatening complications.

Is there a functional but safe alternative for potentially harmful Yohimbe extract?

As it was discovered and proved scientifically SOME SUBSTANSES are capably to produce the SAME EFFECT OF CURING SEXUAL PERFORMANCE PROBLEMS as YOHIMBE, but at the same time these substances are perfectly safe and would never cause any harmful complications! VigRX efficiently overcomes poor erection or complete absence of it (impotence), rejuvenates sexual urge (libido), and gives you hard and long-staying erections! And you do not need to undergo any risks to get side effects potentially dangerous for your health at all!

Let us have a look at some components of the well-trusted VigRX

It contains Epimedium leaf extract, which have been known for over two thousand years as a great enhancer for sexual and reproductive systems. It is capable also to improve erections, making the penis harder, large in size and fullness.

Epimedium is so efficient thanks to a flavonoid called icariin that it contains. This substance is also referred to as a "cGMP-specific PDE5 inhibitor". Such prescription drugs as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra also contain it. As was confirmed by extensive studies, tests and analyses at the University of Peking in China (in China Epimedium grows in the open) this substance is a potent medication against erectile difficulties that could be administered orally.

Besides the potent Epimedium leaf extract VigRX pills include other very efficient 100% natural herbals that have been known for centuries as powerful penis and sexual urge enhancement medications. Among them are Asian Ginseng Root, Ginkgo Biloba, Catuaba Bark Extract, and Cuscuta Seed Extract, which through hundreds of years of folk medicine usage have proved their efficiency to improve sexual vitality and performance.

What conclusions should be drawn from here? VigRX proved to be not just one of the most efficient penile enhancement formulas known to a modern man, but also the SAFEST one!

Give a try to VigRX!

If you are looking for a 100% safe, free from any complication pill for penis enhancement and improving libido that does not need prescription of a physician than look NO FURTHER! What is the reason to expose you to risks of potentially harmful side effects of any other medication or supplement? There is a better, much safer and more efficient remedy available to you.

Give a try to the amazing VigRX, and the satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!


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